Round Spiral Toothed Hacksaw Blades

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The Amazing 360 Degree Round Hack Saw Blade

round Hack Saw Blades
Ideal for Cutting:
  • Stainless Steels
  • Inconel
  • Sheet Metal
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Polyurethane
  • Wood
  • Graphite
  • PVC
  • Plumbing Pipe
  • Plastics
Blade Detail
Blade Detail

This is not an abrasive type saw. It is a unique 360 degree spiral toothed blade that cuts on any side in any direction.
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Cuts Intricate shapes
Cuts Side to Side
Cuts Square 90's
Cuts Circular 360's
Cuts holes shapes or even your name with no lead in cuts:
  1. Remove the eyelet from one end by gripping the blade with pliers and turning the end clockwise. The blade can then be threaded through a opening as small as .050" / 1.5mm.

  2. Drill a small hole through the work piece.

  3. Thread the end through the hole.

  4. Replace the eyelet on the end of the blade.

  5. Mount the blade in your hacksaw frame and make your intricate shapes with ease.
    Miscellaneous uses with the end eyelet removed:
  • Torches: Cleaning welding and cutting torch nozzles.
  • Welders: Cleaning MIG Welder contact tips.
  • Locksmiths: Removing broken keys from locks.
safety blade
The 360 hacksaw blade has no jagged edges and will not cut human skin. The 360 type hacksaw blade has been in use for for over 30 years by our Armed Forces.
Made in
Made in USA
the USA

Measures .050" Diameter x 12" center to center of the eyelets (1.27mm x 30.48cm) with 1/16" (1.59mm) dia. eyelet hole.

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One 360
Hack Saw Blade

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Hack Saw Blades

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5 360 hacksaw blades + 3 360 Coping saw blades

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Hacksaw Facts:
A hacksaw is a fine-tooth saw with a blade under tension in a frame, used for cutting materials such as metal or bone. Some have pistol grips which keep the hacksaw firm and easy to grip.

Sawblade facts:
Small hand-held hacksaws blades are made of a metal arch or hacksaw frame with a handle, that fits around a hardened, rigid hacksaw blade. The edge of the sawblade has small saw teeth along almost the entire length of the blade. The blade can be attached so that the teeth face away from the hacksaw handle, causing a sawing action when pushing, or reversed such that the saw teeth point toward the handle, causing a sawing action when pulling the frame. When pushing, the hacksaw frame will bend slightly, lessening the tension on the blade. The lessened tesion will allow the hacksaw blades to bend and bind in the saw kerf. Therefore proper tensioning of the blade in the frame and a good quality stiff, rigid hacksaw frame is important. The blade is very hard and brittle, so you must saw very carefully to prevent braking the blade.

Other types of saws:
Panel hacksaws do not have a frame, so that you can cut into flat sheet metal without the frame restricting the length of cut. Large electric powered mechanical hacksaws can be used to cut shorter pieces from bulk metal in machine shops. Band saws are similar to power hacksaws but the blade is a continuous loop of a more fexible hacksaw blade material and the distance of the cut from the edge of the metal is restricted by the throat of the bandsaw. A coping saw is similar to a band saw execpt that it is thinner, the frame is shorter and it has a depper throat. Coping saws are primarily for cutting intricate shapes in wood. A table jig saw or scroll saw is an electric poswered version of a coping saw. Table jigsaws and scroll saws have a much deeper throat than a coping saw. Typicaly, scroll saw blades and coping saw blades are five inches long and the different types are Skip tooth (or single skip tooth) which has a tooth, a gap then another tooth, Double skip tooth (two teeth, a gap then two teeth), Diamond blades (a wire coated with diamond bits) for cutting glass, Crown or two-way which has teeth facing both up and down so it cuts on both the down-stroke and on the up-stroke, not as with all other blades which cut only on the downstroke. Spiral blades like the 360 degree blade or twisted flat blades with teeth sticking out on all sides. A fret saw is similar to a coping saw except that it has a much deeper throat, 10 to 20 inches, very similar to a scroll saw.

Our saw blades:
The Amazing 360 degree round hacksaw blades, coping saw blades, jigsaw blades and campsaw slades are round with continuous teeth in a spiral pattern that allow you to cut any curve and change direction at any time, unlike a conventional flat saw blade. They are especially suited to cut square corners in wood, plastic or metal. They are safer and not as likely to cut the skin. They are used by surgeons to cut bones similar to a surgical Gigli bone saw. Amazing 360 degree round hacksaw blades, coping saw blades, jigsaw blades and campsaw slades are made of stainless steed and will not corode or leave traces of steel in the cut material to cause rust.

Other uses for 360 degree round hacksaw blades:
Hacksaw blade lock picks.
The 360 degree spiral saw blades can be used to remove broken keys from locks.
They can be used for cleaning welding and cutting torch nozzles.
They can be used by welders for cleaning MIG Welder contact tips.

Resonance of a hacksaw blade

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